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Niall Connaughton

Bits and pieces I've been working on

Reactive Extensions workshop

In 2015, I gave a workshop on the Reactive Extensions framework, using the Rxjs version of the library. The workshop built a live, real-time dashboard providing analysis on a stream of tweets.

I've worked with the Reactive Extensions library for over 5 years. It's a powerful tool that's well suited to modern asynchronous and streaming applications which are becoming more and more common.

To provide a good demonstration for the workshop, I recorded tweets during the Cricket World Cup semi final match between Australia and India. I used the VirtualScheduler in Rx to replay the tweet stream as if it is live, which also allows the replay of the stream to be sped up.

Odin js course

In 2014, I decided to improve my knowledge of javascript, through the Odin js course. Some of the more interesting parts of the course: